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Medea Material and Thumbellina in Cuba

Medea Material and Thumbellina in Cuba

On Sept. 22 and Sept. 23, 2005, MINI TEATER is taking part in the 11th International Festival of Theatres in Havana, Cuba. We will present the performance Medea Material by Heiner Müller, and the first virtual puppet performance Thumbellina by H.Ch. Andersen realised in co-production between Cankarjev dom Ljubljana and Mini teater Ljubljana. This year the international Havana Festival of Theatre started on September 15 and it closes on September 25. The Cuban National Council of Stage Arts defined it with the slogan: 'Theatrically, as in all the arts, Cuba is creative.' The Festival was established in 1980, and today it is the most famous festival in Cuba. It includes all fields of performing arts for adults and children. It takes place in different locations - from old walls in the open air to museums, galleries, theatres, old buildings, parks and squares. This is an opportunity to present Havana as a cultural capital city in this part of the world. The Festival includes a variety of technically and conceptually different performances from all over the world: from Cuba, Spain, Argentina, Brasil, Chile, USA, Equador, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Corea, France, and Slovenia. Beside performances the Festival offers also numerous theatrical workshops, seminars and debates. This year the events will ensure international promotion marked with peace, tollerance and respect for different cultural expressions. - The performance MEDEA MATERIAL by Heiner Mulller was created in co-production of: Mini Teater Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom Ljubljana, Novo Kazalište Zagreb, ARL Dubrovnik, Kazalište Hotel Bulić and Teater & TD Zagreb. It was directed by Ivica Buljan, his assistant was Robert Waltl, the set was designed by Slaven Tolj, custumes were designed by Ana Savić Gecan, the music was written by Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar, dramaturgy was performed by Zlatko Wurzberg. The actors are: Senka Bulić, Ditka Haberl and Marko Mandić. This performance is a provocative interpretation of a classical myth; it is a story on intelectual and physical conquest of other countries through cultural domination. The tragic is replaced with the comic - which enables the author to give an objective and brutal presentation of the world. The main issues in this drama are: the power od sex and the power of death. The opening night of this performance took place in November 2003. Medea took part in prominent festivals like Karantena  in Dubrovnik, Festival de Teatro de Oriente in Venezuela, Festival of Experimental Theatres in Egypt, and in 2004 in the Slovene National Festival Borstnikovo srecanje in Maribor. This year the performance took part in EXODOS - Festival of Modern Performing Arts in Ljubljana, in the Festival of the Actors in Vukovar, and in SEAS Festival in Rijeka...

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