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Dances and Music from Francophone Africa

Dances and Music from Francophone Africa

During the Francophone Week, organised by the French Institute Charles Nodier in Slovenia, a dance event will take place at MINI TEATER on Ljubljana Castle on Thursday, March 23, 2006 at 19:00. Admition free! Dances and music from various parts of Francophone Africa will be presented.

Dancer: Maša Kagao Knez

Musicians: Nino Mureškič - percussions, balaphone; Igor Leonardi - n'goni; Blaž Korez - percussions; Matej Horvat - Percussions.

The concept of the group is based on traditional rhythm and dance patterns of the western Africa, however it contains also a touch of Turkish and Arab music, of Balkan melos and some meditative modulation from eastern countries.  Using traditional instruments they interlace musical elements of the above mentioned countries and combine them also with modern and original approaches. Most of the music is originally created by the group representing the reflection of the original approach and new musical ideas.

This dancing is a combination of traditional west African dances and modern art dancing. The dancer finds inspiration in specific motives of the folk afro-dance while looking for her own expression. Through joint intuition, the dancer and the musicians create arrangements and the choreography for each dance, so the movement and the and the sound become unique and original.