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Robert Waltl

Milan Štefe, Tomaž Pipan, Nina Skrbinšek /  Vesna Lubej

Set and puppet design:
Daniel Demšar

Puppet technology:
Jože Zajec

Puppets and set:
Jože Zajec, Ron Preinfalk and co-workers

Music and correpetition:
Peter Kus

Andrej Žibert (drums, electric/acoustic guitar, bas guitar), Jernej Pečak (double bass), Drago Kunej (diatonic accordion), Peter Kus (clarinet, piano, organ, elektronics, vocal)

Opening performance:
17th November 2001

Duration 45 minutes

Puppet performance for children from 3 y/o

A performance about the always interesting subject of children who are left at home all alone and are unaware of the dangers that may be present.

The performance is based on the widely-known Grimm's fairy tale: The Wolf and the Seven Goatlings. It is the first performance directed by Robert Waltl, a graduate of the Ljubljana Academy for Performing Arts and former actor at the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre. Waltl is the founder and director of the Mini teater theatre which started out at the Ljubljana Castle in 1999. He is also a successful organiser of numerous events for children all over Slovenia. The puppet and set design were created by Daniel Demšar - a successful set/costume/puppet designer working with all the prominent Slovene puppet theatres. He is the author of numerous human, animal and fictitious creatures, created to upgrade the messages of different puppet performances.
The music is based on ethnic motives. It was arranged into a modern composition by Peter Kus, a student of philosophy and sociology at the Ljubljana University. As a composer, he has performed music composition for numerous dance and children's performances, as well as silent films. He used to be the leader of the Pavel Vlasov sextet and is still a member of the ethnic music group Tolovaj Mataj.

About the performance

Mother Goat is a single parent who has to bring up her goatlings all by herself. In spite of the danger this poses, she has to go out of the woods and fetch some food. Before leaving, she warns the children to beware of the Wolf. But as the clever trickster he is, the Wolf still manages to deceive them. As they open the door, he shoves them all in a sack and runs away with them. Having witnessed what happened to the goatlings, the neighbors - the Duck Ignatius and his wife Amalia - warn their mother, help her find the Wolf and finally rescue the goatlings.

Festivals and tours

Austria, Italy, Slovenia