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Directing and dramaturgy:
Ivica Buljan and Robert Waltl

Robert Waltl

Zdenko Majaron and Iva Matija Bitanga

Art design and music:
Iva Matija Bitanga

Songs after folks motives:
Robert Waltl

Opening performance:
November 1999

Duration 40 minutes

Puppet performance for children from 4 y/o

About the performance

This performance has been one of Mini teater's biggest hits since 1999. It has been performed almost 500 times to over 70,000 spectators.

The apprentice Hlapich is a small and good-hearted boy who is as cheerful as a bird on a wire, as brave as a knight, and as wise as a judge. As an orphan, he has to earn his living by working as a cobbler's apprentice. His master Mrkonja treats him very badly, so one night, he decides to run away into the big wide world. All he has to take along with him are wisdom, courage and his good nature. While traveling around he meets many interesting characters. whom he helps selflessly and, of course, is rewarded when his wandering around the world concludes with a happy ending.

Festivals and tours

Croatia, Italy, Austria, Belarus, Spain, Iran, Poland, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovenia


to Robert Waltl: Župančič Award of the City Ljubljana ; award as the best actor in the International Festival of Professional Theatre for Children in Banja Luka, BiH; award as the best actor in the International Festival of Professional Theatre for Children in Subotica, Serbia; award of the audience as the best performance at the Festival Belaya veža in Brest, Belarus, award for the best animation in the international puppet festival PIF in Zagreb, Croatia; award of the Children Jury in the festival Lutkovni pristan, Maribor, Slovenia; award of the Children Jury in Eurofest in Slupsk, Poland; award Žar ptica as the best actor in the Naj, naj festival in Zagreb, Croatia.