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Ljubljana Historical Route and Little Dragon Helpers


Project about Art and Experience Programme on Public Surfaces


Ljublljana is a city offering much more than any other Slovenian town. Looking around we can feel the legacy of Trubar's Reformation zeal, the power from Preseren's poetry, the aching from Cankar's writing, the search and bitterness from Grohar's paintings, the darkness from Kogoj's music in his Black Masks, yet also the peaceful symbolics hidden in the simplest proportions of the architectural masterpieces created by Plecnik. Somewhere in between there are the remains of the antique Roman Emona, or the heritage of the moor dwellings and ancient fort sites.

In trying to find a simple yet effective tourist approach to reminf visitors of our rich history -extending from moor dwelling, over the roman period and Slavic settlements, to Medieval Age and the French occupation with Illyric provinces and the development of middle classec, up to the industrial age – MINI TEATER wanted to bring the spirit of the past to every modern visitor of the capital by placing animation groups for every single period in most different locations of our city.

So, this summer in Ljubljana you are about to see »Ljubljana citizens from the end of 19th or 20th century moving around in their vehicles of the period«.

Of course, we did not forget the nhabitants of the former city suburbs like Krakovo, Črnuče and Trnovo (in co-operation with the Academic Folklore Group France Marolt and the Vevče Brass Band) as well as the town craftsmen and suburbian farmers (presentation of crafts and manufacturing in co-operation with the Technical Museum Bistra).


Through street animation in the city centre 'citizens' will remind us of the arrival of the first vehicles - a carriage with two horses and a coachman, a horseman, a man on a huge bicycle- and from the Technical Museum Bistra, our most important partner in this project,  a driver will bring a Benz car from 1924, and the unforgettable Fiat 600 from the fifties of the past century will also be brought to town.

In the patio of the Trubar Antikvariat, visitors will be able to watch experiments once made by the mathematician Jurij Vega, a prominent Ljubljana citizen, as well as experiments once made by our Croation neighbour Nikola Tesla, the great inventor whose anniversary is celebrated this year all over the world.


We wish a hot and warm summer!



Project about Art and Experience Programme on Public Surfaces

This year, in co-operation with Major of the City of Ljubljana, Mrs. Danica Simšič, the Board of Tourism Ljubljana and  MINI TEATER is introducing »Little Dragon Helpers« who will help elderly citizens and tourists offering them various information and advice.

These»Little Dragon Helpers« - animators and guides dressed up in costumes representing the Ljubljana dragon – will move along Ljubljana streets or around the city market and the Old Town mostly on weekends. You can ask them for help at crossing the street or when stepping on a bus, you can ask them for some tourist information, for some help in choosing the cultural programme, or perhaps you can just have a chat with one of them – their smile and their kind help will always make your day brighter.

We wish a hot and warm summer!