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Robert Waltl

Sandi Pavlin, Marinka Štern, Dario Varga, Uroš Maček, Pavle Ravnohrib, Olga Kacjan, Željko Hrs, Dragica Potočnjak, Damjana Černe, Jadranka Tomažič, Romana Šalehar and Marko Mlačnik

Tamara Obrovac

Natalija Manojlović

Set design:

Costume design:
Ana Savić-Gecan

Slovene Youth Theatre

Opening performance:
April 2007

Performance for children and youth

About the performance

Do you know how the baker Mishmash makes his bread? Three decades ago, the famous Slovene writer Svetlana Makarovič wrote a story about a bakery known to the neighbouring villages for its tasty bread. This is a story about the goodness of the humble baker Mishmash who offered bread to the poor and to the children for free; yet it is also a story about the nosy and wicked woman Jedrt who is determined to disclose the secret on how Mishmash manages to make the bread so good; and it is a story about the cat who gets tired of Jedrt taking advantage of him, so he decides to move and stay with the baker Mishmash.