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Award to Puss in Boots at the Festival Summer Puppet Port 2006 in Maribor

Award to Puss in Boots at the Festival Summer Puppet Port 2006 in Maribor

The professional jury of the Festival composed by Sabina Šinko, Martina Peštaj and Andreja Kovač viewed and evaluated each of the 14 competing performances taking part in this year's Summer Puppet Port. They were happy to ascertain that quality performances are created not only by eatablished puppet institutions and groups with long tradition but they are also produced by new names – individuals and groups who actually prove a totally comparable art quality. All performances differ strongly in their way od expression presenting an enviably high quality level.

The Award for animation was given to Gašper Jarni and Jose in the performance Puss in Boots produced by MINI TEATER from Ljubljana. »The acting performed by the animators/actors was spontaneous and unrestrained. They both control a wide palette of characters who appear convincing and alive as in their speaking as in their singing part. Their quick yet accurate playing of characters is expressed also in numerous and variagated animation demands of the performance.«

The puppet performance Puss in Boots was awarded also the most prestigeous award of the Festival, the Award for the Best Performance. »The performance Puss in Boots is functioning as a whole in every single field. It contains a number of exceptional solutions in the fields of directing, visual design and acting. This well known story is being told in a fresh, sparkling and entertaining way.« Congratulations to the team who created this performance.