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Tears - exhibition of puppets created by Silvan Omerzu

Tears - exhibition of puppets created by Silvan Omerzu


Within the frame of the 9th International Festival for Children Mini Summer 2007 the exhibition named Tears will take place in the hall Kazemati in Ljubljana Castle. The Exhibition will present puppets created by Silvan Omerzu, the internationally known visual artist and puppeteer, recipient of the Slovene national Prešeren Fund Award 2006. Omerzu is an artists who can take pride in having presented himself in 25 individual and 40 group exhibitions. He combines all possible scenographic, visual and theatrical elements. This exhibition will present puppets in different clothing sitting motionless with their mute white-gray faces and glancing through time, which is measured by water-drops falling down from the ceiling - the sound of falling water echoing within the areal space. Omerzu's space installations represent a complex art work in their visuality as well as in their meaning, so visiting his exhibition always brings a specific experience to the spectator.

The installation was created in co-operation  with Mini teater and Festival Ljubljana. It will be open until August 18, 2007.

The author of photographs is Žiga Koritnik.