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»Regoč« directed by Robert Waltl at Puppet Theatre Zadar

»Regoč« directed by Robert Waltl at Puppet Theatre Zadar

On September 14, the opening night of the puppet performance Regoč directed by Robert Waltl took place at  the Croatian Puppet Theatre Zadar.

In an ambitiously designed staging the entire acting ensemble of this Puppet Theatre was engaged. The performance was presented in the old Church of St. Dominic.
After the staging of  The Wonderful Adventures of the Apprentice Hlapich and The Forest Striborova, this is the third time that Ivana Brlič Mažuranić and Robert Waltl work together. The stage design was signed by the young artist from Rijeka Dejan Kljun; the author of the music is Tamara Obrovac, Ivica Buljan co-operated as a dramaturge, while the choreography was created by Natalija Manojlovič. Waltl's directing resulted in ovations in the public and the performance was declared as a unique cultural happening in Zadar.