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Selection from reviews on the performance The Magic Table


» In principle, this performance is presented as a theatre-puppet performance for children aged from 3 years up, yet the puppetry part is so strong that we may actually define it as a puppet performance. It is also very witty, so spectators of all ages are sure to enjoy it. The merits for these characteristics go mainly to Marek Bečka, whose imaginative updating of a classical fairytale was so good that in spite of already knowing the story the audience may experience it anew and only then relive the plot in the memory. The most important issue here are Bečka's masterful  puppetry ideas, which need no rich set design for their imaginative realisation, appearing however not at all humble but rather highly inventive (e.g. how the table from the title is set up etc.) «

Večer, Uroš Smasek – Duhovita posodobljena klasična pravljica (A Witty Updating of a Classical Fairytale)



» Crucial for this fluent and vibrant comedy staging - offering beside the classical text also a vivid and colourful heap of mordant actual associations - are the performers Jose and Aljaž Jovanovič, two actors reliable in their speaking, singing and animating skills. They play the roles of human and animal characters and in numerous witty scenes they lead dialogues with fairytale heroes, yet they are also eloquent representatives of their own actual status of artists on the stage and within the society (here and now). Jose’s contribution is also his likable electronically created music with some songs - effectively set to music and performed live on the stage. «

Delo, Slavko Pezdir – Naivnost in požrešnost (Naivety anf gluttony)