THE MATINEE SHOW, performance for children and adults

SUNDAY, JULY 27, 2008


11:00 and 18:30, Hazira - Performance Arts Arena, Jeruzalem, Izrael / Israel


THE MATINEE SHOW, performance for children and adults


director: Tzvika Fishzon assistant director: Anat Berntstein.  lighting design: Juan Cohen,

actors: Yitzhak Laor, Yael Maftzir, Dani Brosovani, Daniel Kishinovski, Yinon Shazo, duration: 65 min


"Matinee Show" is a vivid physical theatre, storytelling and pantomime performance. The performance is composed of different segments with each one being an adaptation to a known movie genre.

Movie classics brought to life many myths of the western culture: the hero, the good and the bad, the quest for…“Matinee Show” corresponds with those myths, clichés and personas in a unique, inventive and humorous way –critique and parody side by side.

Superman, King Kong, Pink Panther, Bruce Lee, Freddy Kruger and more – all on one stage. Mighty combats, breathtaking effects, explosions, flights, journeys, romances and heartbreaking dramas.

No set. No props. No words.



additional programme:

9:00 – Pagean school

17:00 – Grajska reciklaža,  SEZAM / creative workshop