Statistic data - Mini teater in the season 2007/2008


From 9/1/ 2007 up to 8/31/ 2008 Mini teater had 494 events altogether (in the season 2008/2007 – 447 events) – on Ljubljana Castle and on tours (401 performances; 46 public events). We had 65.423 spectators* (in the season 2008/2007 – 51.487 spectators). *The number does not include spectators in events with Papa Frost around New Year.

In this season we had opening nights of puppet and theatre performances for children and youth: Pinocchio, The Wose Garden (Riba, raca, rak), Pippi and Melchiade, The Wishing Table and The Ugly Duckling. For the first time in Slovenia we put on stage the performances Jackie, The Big Construction Site, and Goodbye by Elfriede Jelinek (for adults). The co-production verbal performance Crazy about Vincent was put on stage at Slovene Youth Theatre.

The institute Zavod Zofka had the opening night and reprises of the monodrama Be Marilyn Monroe in our theatre hall. In this season we had our 100th reprise of the festival hit performance Thumbelina, and with the performance Mishkolin we had our 150th reprise in October 2007.

From public events and festivals we can be proud of the more and more attended and already traditional international festivals Mini Summer for Children (which this year celebrated its 10th jubilee), and The Festival of Medieval and Renaissance Music taking place in September.  In December we continue to organize the Papa Frost Parade in Ljubljana Old Town and The Festivity Town in Congress Square for the children to enjoy.