Little Red Riding Hood performed one hundred times


On Sunday, November 30, 2008 at 5 pm, Little Red Riding Hood, a theatre-puppet performance staged after the tale written by brothers Grimm, will have its 100th reprise at MINI TEATER hall on Ljubljana Castle. The classical fairytale about the bad wolf and the girl called Little Red Riding Hood will be performed with humour and specific touch by three young Slovene actors (Asja Kahrimanovič, Andrej Murenc and Matej Puc). The text was adapted and staged by the well known Czech director Pavel Polak.

Mini teater is happy to announce this event since the performance has been played with great success at our hall on Ljubljana Castle and all over Slovenia for quite some time now. The text was translated by Nives Vidrih; the puppets and the set were designed by Ivan Antoš; the language was supervised by Mateja Dermelj; the music was written by David Rotter; the lighting and the sound were designed by Tilen Vipotnik.

The performance is an adaptation of a classical fairytale about a little girl who decides to visit her grandma living on the far end of a vast and dark forest. During her walk through the woods the girl is followed by a greedy Wolf, who has his own wicked plans. He tricks the girl and comes to her grandma's cotttage first where he hides in the old woman's bed. He is strongly determined to devour Little Red Riding Hood...

Pavel Polak is one of the most prominent Czech directors. He was born in 1942. He graduated as a puppet theatre director and dramaturge at the Czech Theatre Academy DAMU. From 1965 to 1994, he worked as an actor, a dramaturge and director at the Puppet Theatre Liberec. He directed over 100 performances in Czech Republic, 4 performances in Germany and 2 in Austria. In Slovenia, he mostly co-operated with the Puppet Theatre Maribor (When Mr. Star Comes; The Pretty Polona and the Waterman; Concerto Grosso; Snow White; Cinderella; The Dumbheads; The Circus Is Coming; Fairytales, Where are You; Sunshine, Where are You; The Story About Light; Three Stories about the Rabbit; The Enchanted Princess; The Beauty and the Beast). At Mini teater he directed the puppet performances Tom Thumb and Three Little Pigs.