The Ugly Duckling in Poland and Czech Republic


On May 11, the performance The Ugly Duckling, a hit performance produced by MINI TEATER and directed by Robert Waltl, is taking part in the 11th International Puppet Theatre Festival EUROFEST 2009 in Slupsk, Poland. This competition festival organized by the Polish national Puppet Theatre TECZA is taking place in different locations in Slupsk, a town quite close to Gdansk, from May 8 to May 14. The festival embraces all countries of the European Union. This year it will host theatres from Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Greece, Sweden, Estonia, Belgium, Hungary, Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, and Slovenia. Slovene theatres are represented by the Puppet Theatre Maribor with the performance The Princess and the Pea and by MINI TEATER with the performance The Ugly Duckling. A town parade of costumes is organized as a special event of interest within the festival opening celebrations.    

On May 21, the performance The Ugly Duckling will be presented in the World Festival of Puppetry in Prague. The festival will take place from May 17 to May 31. It will host numerous groups and theatres from France, Cyprus, Hungary, Romania, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Venezuela, Chile, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, China, Thailand, Iran, Poland, Slovenia, and Czech Republic. This year too, the festival is organized by the WAP (World Association of Puppeteers) and the International Institute of Marionette Art. It will take place in three different locations in the city of Prague. MINI TEATER with the performance The Ugly Duckling is the only theatre representing Slovenia. The performance will be played in the Theatre Karlova 44 in the very centre of the city. Also a film puppetry programme, mainly prepared by our puppetry colleagues from Spain, will be presented as a special point of interest within the great number of festival events.