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Dear reader,

Between June 26 and August 30, Ljubljana will be again hosting the international festival Mini Summer dedicated to children and all those who care about art for children.

Performances created by theatres from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, Spain, Estonia and Slovenia will be presented in different locations in Ljubljana.  They will all take place in Mini Teater in Križevniška Street and in Mini Teater on Ljubljana Castle.

The opening performance The Little Flame produced by GKL from Split will be presented on the big stage of the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, Krekov trg 2 in Ljubljana, on Sunday, 26th June.

Every Sunday also our Great Creative Workshops will take place, prepared in co-operation with the association KUD Sredina (Slovenia). Mini Summer will embrace also creative workshops prepared in the frame of the European project "Baby Lion" and puppet workshops prepared in the frame of the European project "Puppet Nomad Academy". Both projects are supported by the EU Commission Program Culture 2007-2013.  

On July 23, creative workshops on the topic "Creative Middle Ages" will be organized in the frame of summer events on Ljubljana Castle as a preparation for Medieval Days taking place on October 2 and 3, 2011. 
This year the program of the 13th Mini Summer Festival has been supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia; City Community of Ljubljana - Culture Department; City Community of Ljubljana – Education Department; EU Program Culture 2007-2013; Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain; by a number of sponsors and donators (listed in the Slovenian version of this text).

The mission yet also the luck in our artistic profession is to offer artistic inspiration to young people and to teach them all forms of tolerance, understanding and mutual solidarity.

As an actor, I believe that through dedicated work we can offer our children experiences they will never forget, so later they can bring into force their desire for independent creativity in every field of art. We can achieve this by believing and by communicating with children through art.

Parents, I am asking you to be aware of art in your life, especially theatre and puppetry art – the word of a puppet is more powerful than any human word…

I am asking you to enjoy and to make your children enjoy the magic that only puppets an theatre can create.

Welcome at the 13th International Mini Summer Festival in Ljubljana!



Robert Waltl, director of Mini Summer Festival