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On Niko Goršič's Chair(s) we will be able to sit again on February 5th 2013!

Following the fantastical January’s premiere when the audience with its standing ovations in completely full Mini teater’s hall almost didn’t let Niko Goršič off the stage we will be able to once again sit on Niko Goršič’s Chair(s) and footstool also in FEBRUARY!

»If Ionesco’s Chairs are an attempt to beat death Goršič’s Chair(s) in which he offers a subjective view on history of Slovenian youth theater and its meaning for Slovenian culture space, the confrontation with Slovenian theatrical scene, and with himself in which the laughter from the audience is not drawn from large shoes or clown hat but from the detils from anecdotes in which star to premiere audience’s very well-known names of Slovenian there giants. So, in which case do Chair(s) represent and overachievement of an internal event meant for theatrical art? Maybe in the fact that the Chair(s) are not just a story of Slovenian youth theater, of Jovanović, Taufer, Sever … They are in theatrical micro cosmos trapped story of complex, human relations, story of power, desire, loneliness, desire for self-realization, the awareness of own insignificance, self-denial and persistence. And when the shining confetti falls, when with playful persistence under a clown hat the audience is provoked to laughter, through the cracks of comic enters a thought about the transience of the moment. When large things suddenly appear small and small things for a moment appear large. And personally told show continues. A show that is not only a story of Niko Goršič and of Slovenian Youth Theater. It is also a story about questions we all ask ourselves, that rise when finality and eternity coexists. It is a settlement with life.« Saška Rakef RA Slovenija 1, 09.01.2013

New Mini teater’s performance, ironic requiem CHAIR(S) OF NIKO GORŠIČ FOLLOWING E. IONESCO is coming back TO THE STAGE OF MINI TEATER AT KRIŽEVNIŠKA 1 next Tuesday, February 5th at 8pm and then February 21st 2013 also at 8pm.


Niko Goršič according to E. Ionescu


Directed by Nick Upper

Starring: Niko Goršič and Amadeus Mozart

Dramaturge: Ivica Buljan

Movement: Rosana Hribar

Set design: Nina Goršič

Costumes: Rosana Knavs

Video:Uršula Berlot

Light design: son:DA

Music selection: Niko Goršič

Citations according by translation by Alja Tkačev


Head of technicians: Tilen Vipotnik

Technical crew: Tilen Vipotnik and David Cerar


Lecture of materials: Mateja Dermelj

Photos: Miha Fras


Ironical requiem for adults, students and pupils

Durations: 75 minutes


More about the performance for adults, students and pupils can be seen here!