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Niko Goršič’s Chair(s) according to E. Ionesco this Thursday for the last time in February 2013!


New Mini teater’s performance, ironical requiem and comedy CHAIR(S) this Thursday, FEBRUARY 21ST AT 8 PM FOR THE LAST TIME IN FEBRUARY invites you to sit on Niko Goršič’s as director’s, actor’s, dance and art critic’s Chair(s) and footstool next time on March 19th 2013 at 8pm on his 70th birthday!

»When the shining confettis fall, when with playful persistence under a clown hat the audience is provoked to laughter, through the cracks of comic enters a thought about the transience of the moment. When large things suddenly appear small and small things for a moment appear large. And personally told show continues. A show that is not only a story of Niko Goršič and of Slovenian Youth Theater. It is also a story about questions we all ask ourselves, that rise when finality and eternity coexists. It is a settlement with life.« Saška Rakef RA Slovenija 1, 09.01.2013

More about Mini tater’s and Niko Goršič’s performance can be read here