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Pia Zemljič and Gregor Gruden this Sunday in Little Mermaid!

Pia Zemljič and Gregor Gruden in LITTLE MERMAID 

Directed by Ivica Buljan – music by Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar!

This Sunday, 10th March at 5.00 pm in Mini teater at Ljubljana’s castle!


Pia Zemljič and Gregor Gruden in the story of Little Mermaid that decides to sacrifice her lovely fin for the human image. The story of incredible and unspoken love and desire. Painful and cruel anthem of growing up and the obstacles that one has to overcome on the path of matureness and realization.  

Mini teater’s Little Mermaid directed by Ivica Buljan is an original attempt of gathering three different theatrical genres:

-       first one is narration (of a fairytale)

-       second one is theatrical performance for children with special dramaturge, adapted for younger audience,

-       third one is the performance as hybrid form at the edge of art.   


Hans Christian Andersen

Directed by Ivica Buljan

Translation: Silvana Orel Kos

Starring: Pia Zemljič and Gregor Gruden

Set design and costumes: Ana Savić Gecan

Music: Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar

Songs: Jera Ivanc

Lecture: Mateja Dermelj

Production: Mini teater


Theatrical performance for children from 5 years of age.

Duration 45 minutes

Ticket price: children till 12 years of age 6 €, adults 8 €


More about the performance can be read here!