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Dream world of little Morrison in Mini teater this Saturday!

The dream adventure of little boy MORRISON, who is getting acquainted with ALL THE FOUR SEASONS, is coming back to Mini teater’s stage at Križevniška 1 this Saturday March 16th at 5pm!

Into the dream world of the little boy in the magical forest of books we will set off on the last Saturday this month – March 30th 2013 at 5 pm!  

Wonderful adventure of a little boy to whom his parents are telling a story to but for him the storytelling becomes a reality!

We will witness different stories, adventures, fight, act, love, hate, happiness and sorrow throughout all four seasons – summer, fall, winter and spring. Even though Morrison will be many times in dangerous situations the adventure will last for as long as his imagination and desire will allow him to do so. Adventure will be full of interesting, amusing, educational, playful and full of surprises for children who will be able to see through the eyes of a small boy in a magical forest of books in which the four seasons will take human forms. In the forest Morrison will learn also about the relationships among friends. They come and sometimes leave, but they never truly disappear. They keep changing our lives in various ways. Morrison therefore also realizes that some things sometimes in life happen completely without a reason.

See a short video clip of the new puppet adventure of Mini teater, more about the performance can be seen here!