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August Kotzebue, Valentin Vodnik, Jernej Kopitar, Kristina Brenkova, Niko Kuret, Niko Goršič

Nick Upper

Jernej Kuntner, Romana Šalehar

Set and costume design:
Matej Andraž  Vogrinčič

Mini teater / Globalni teater / Cankarjev dom Ljubljana 

Opening performance:
January 2004

About the performance

The play is enriched by simple hand-puppets, called lileks. Niko Kuret, a researcher into preliterary forms and folk theatre described these traditional folk puppets as “typically Slovenian-Kajkavian puppet theatre”. Original Slovenian lileks (puppets–scarecrows) were predominantly used at jocular traditional market or nuptial and other ceremonies. The revival of lileks in European puppetry is unprecedented, thus the authors of the show negate the statement that Slovenia has no inheritance of puppetry.

This folk tale in one act takes place around 1780 in Greenwood situated somewhere in Upper Carniola in the present-day Slovenia. A story from the lives of big landowners is replete with familial bonds and devoted love as well as happy coincidences that without the crowing Tinny Cock-a-doodle-doo wouldn’t have been possible. It is a love story about the wealthy Micika (Mary) and poor youth Tine (Tony) and their adventures as well as cunningness with a happy ending.

From the critiques

 "Theatrically most interesting and compelling are the scenes with lileks. These simple hand-puppets, resembling small scarecrows (a horizontal and a vertical stick), dressed, as the character requires, faceless and with distinct headwear, offer in different renditions and movements ample possibility for an independent and not merely illustrative expression (as is expected from a puppet in a contemporary puppet show). (…)Thanks to lileks and their historic value Tinny Cock-a-doodle-doo(Once There Were Slovenian Puppets named Lileks) is a compelling and instructive 40-minute theatre performance.”

(Mojca Jan Zoran:Tinny Cock-a-doodle-doo, Dnevnik, daily, January 12, 2004)

Festivals and tours

International Street Theatre Festival Ana Desetnica, Ljubljana / Slovenia, 2004; Festival Week of Youth, Kranj / Slovenia; International Festival Lent, Maribor / Slovenia; Slovenian Cultural Days, Brussels / Belgium; Ptuj Summer Festival, Ptuj, / Slovenia; Theatre Koper / Slovenia; Cultural Centre Izola / Slovenia;  Primary School Brezovica / Slovenia; Cultural Centre Vrhnika / Slovenia; Cultural Centre Domžale / Slovenia; World Slovenian Congress / Canada; International Puppets festival PIF, Zagreb / Croatia; Kotor International Children Festival / Montenegro; BTC – Citypark, Ljubljana / Slovenia; Kluže International Festival, Bovec / Slovenia; Slovenian Puppet Biennial, Koper / Slovenia; Europalia Brussels, Gent / Belgium, 2008