Milan Štefe, Snježana Rodek

Ivica Buljan

Ana Karić and Robert Waltl

Set designers:
Ben Cain, Tina Gverović

Costume designer:
Ana Savić - Gecan

Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar and Tvrtko Dujmović

Tvrtko Dujmović

Light design:
Janez Kocjan

Sound design:
Jasmina Bernjak

Make up artist:
Gabriela Fleischman

Mini teater, Teatar ITD Zagreb and Mestno gledališče Ptuj

Slovensko stalno gledališče Trst, Cankarjev dom Ljubljana, Art radionica Lazareti Dubrovnik, Zadar Snova and Novo kazalište Zagreb

Opening performances:
August 2006: Zadar, Dubrovnik - Croatia
January 2007: Ptuj- City theatre Ptuj and Cankarjev dom Ljubljana - Slovenia
January 2007: Teatar ITD Zagreb - Croatia
February 2007: Trst/Trieste - Italy

About the performance

All essential characteristics of Dangerous Liaisons are preserved in Heiner Mueller's Quartet. While the story from Laclos's novel develops within 'the big theatre of the world', in Quartetthe world is indicated yet actually not present. This 'bunker after World War III' – as defined by the author in his drama instructions – indicates an idea of a closed space, of secret societies, places of sadistic performances where everything is allowed, where everything can be said or done. Far for the eye of strangers and in total trust, Merteuil and Valmont dedicate themselves to a ritual known only to the two of them, while their bodies and their souls set up onto a path of pervert games. Their pleasure is manifestated in their will to destruct the other (one a virgin and the other, a spouse of virtue), to destruct God and the Church through radical atheism and through will of sacrifice, to destruct social and moral values, to destruct human kind through self-destruction and sterile sexual relations.