Robert Waltl

Vesna Jevnikar, Milan Štefe and Tomaž Pipan

Puppet and costume design:
Jelena Proković

Puppets made by:
Zdenko Majaron

Peter Kus

Andrej Žibert (guitar), Gregor Cvetko (bas), Igor Brvar - Jovo (drums), Peter Kus (keys, clarinet)

Director's assistant:
Nace Hočevar

Opening performance:
June 2004

Duration 35 min

Puppet performance for children from 3 years up

About the performance

The frisky and cunning rabbit Sparky receives a very unusual invitation: the fox Ada, his old enemy decided to become a vegeterian. In sign of reconciliation she invites him for dinner to the bear Bane's pub. The wolf Robi is thrilled about her decision since it is his greatest wish to become friends with Sparky. So he decides to supress his carnivorous nature and renounce to the juicy rabbit roasts. Sparky though does not trust the wolf and the fox. Through friendly help of the hedgehog Slavc he tries to figure out what the two beasts are really planning.

Sponsor of the performance: Spar Slovenia

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