Josip Ribičič

Rokgre and Jurij Souček

Robert Waltl

Actors and animators:
Jurij Souček, Karin Komljanec /  Vesna Slapar and Emir Jušič Piber /  Igor Štamulak

Uroš Rakovec

Set design and puppets:
Mihaela Ciuha and Alenka Koderman

Costume design:
Ana Savić Gecan

Sound and Light:
Nace Hočevar, Tilen Vipotnik and Tomaž Grubelnik

Opening performance:
November 2005

Duration 40 min

Puppet performance for children from 3 years up

About the performance

The Mishon familiy is not very big: father Mishon, mother Mishonka, and the spoiled child Mishkolin. Mishkolin is bored because he is too young to leave the flat. First he must learn all the tricks and skills that every real mouse has to know. When the aunt Sivopetka brings her little daughter Misha to the Mishon house real troubles begin for little Mishkolin.

Generations and generations of Slovene children grew up with the adventures of the Mouse Mishkolin written by Josip Ribičič, the first Slovene writer who wrote for children. The book was a bestseller but we all remember the radio version and later also the TV series with the same title. Well, finally, it is time to present this popular story in the form of a puppet performance.

Robert Waltl is the director, while different roles are played or animated by the famous Jurij Souček (his Mishkolin is most certainly known to every 'adult child'), by karin Komljanec and by Emir Jušič Piber. The performance is a sort of a combination, a collage of various Mishkolin's adventures. It is meant for the youngest audience as well as for all those who feel close to the art for children.