Adaptation, directing and dramaturgy:
Robert Waltl and Ivica Buljan

Veronika Drolc, Milan Štefe (alternation Violeta Tomič) and Miha Arh

Set manufacturing:
Blaž Krže

Puppet manufacturing:
Zdenko Majaron

Hamlet Express (Andraž Polič, Gregor Cvetko and Blaž Celarec)

Language consultant:
Mateja Dermelj

Sound and light design:
Nace Hočevar and Tilen Vipotnik

Costumes, puppets and set design:
Ana Savić Gecan

Opening performance:
November 2003

Duration 40 min

Puppet performance for children from 3 years up

About the performance

Mojca finds a coin and decides to buy a little pot. In the magic of the night the pot turns into a cabin where she can hide. During the night the wood animals feel cold, so the come knocking at Mojca's door. One by one, she takes them in after they had proven to be skilled in some special profession. Fox promised to do the housekeeping, Rabbit can make and mend their clothing, Bear can manufacture slippers. One night Fox steals the honey that Bear and Rabbitt collected for winter time. Fox puts the blame on Rabbit, so Rabbit is thrown out of the cabin. However, the truth comes out soon enough, so he is allowed to come back while Fox is punished and chased away.

This performance is based on a Carinthian national fairy tale. It is about a girl called Mojca Pokrajculja (krajcar=Slovene for a dime). Vida Taufer and Lily Novy, two prominent Slovene poets put this story into verse creating a beautiful poetic drama in pre-modernistic style. They preserved the true core of this folk tale with its melodic and playful language. The story was adapted for stage by Robert Waltl - theatre actor, puppet animator and art manager and director at Mini teater - in close co-operation with Ivica Buljan - theatre director in Croatia, essay writer and dramaturgist. They have been working together for many years now. They created a number of performances for children and adults. Among those for children some have won prestigious awards, e.g. The Fabulous Adventures of the Apprentice Hlapich, Tinder-Box, The Story of the Fisherman and the Fish were the best performances for children in Croatia in their current year. They were played on tours in Italy, Austria, Iran, Poland, Spain, Venezuela, Bulgaria and Belgium. Working together, Robert Waltl and Ivica Buljan created their special and well recognisible style marked with visual luxury, ludism (where virtuousity in interpretation is mixed with comedy), precise choreography and joyful acting. Ana Savić Gesan is a young Croatian artist who signed the set design, the costumes and art design for this performance. She is the winner of the Great Award of the Zagreb Salon, the Golden Arena for costume design in Croatian films, and the Award of the Croatian Drama Artists Association. The main role is played by Veronika Drolc, winner of the Slovene national award Borštnik 2003 (for her role in Schneewittchen After Party). The roles of the animals are played by Miha Arh and Milan Štefe (in alternation with Violeta Tomič). Milan Štefe was awarded the First Prize for this animation at the Slovene Biennial of Puppet Artists 2003, and he won a Recognition for his acting by the Slovene Drama Artists Association in 2004.

Festivals and performances on tour

International Theatre and Puppet Festival Subotica, Serbia and Montenegro, 2004; CIAO Festival, London, Great Britain; Hungary, Austria, Slovenia