One of the Best Bulgarian Puppet Performances in Mini Teater

One of the Best Bulgarian puppet Performances Chick with a Trick in Mini Teater

On Sunday, March 19, 2006, at 17:00, Mini Teater will present the Bulgarian theatre Pro Rodopi Art Centre with their puppet performance for children Chick with a Trick in the Hall in Ljubljana Castle.

This extraordinary puppet performance created by  Petar Todorov and his wife Desislava Mincheva (it is their first guest performance in Slovenia) represents the continuation od an excellent tradition of a high-quality puppet-theatre programme in Bulgaria. In 2005 this performance was nominated as the best puppet performance in Bulgaria. In Mini teater it will be presented in Slovenian.

Chick with a Trick, a puppet performance for children and parents, created after motives from Margarita Minkova's fairytales.Choreography, music selection and execution: Desislava Mincheva, Costumes, puppets, set-design: Hanna Schwarz, Text, production and directing: Petar Todorov. Producer; Pro Rodopi Art Centre (Bostina, Bulgaria) in co-operation with Smoljani Drama Theatre (Smoljan, Bulgaria). The performance was supported by the National Theatre Centre (Sofia) and the Fundation Pro Rodopi (Bostina, Bulgaria). 

The Story: One day the The Hen Koki lays a candy instead of an egg as usually. She gets quite worried. So, she goes asking for advice the Goose, the Doctor and the King, but they are all too busy with their own problems to listen to Koki. It is only the beautiful sunny Day that succeeds in entering Koki's heart and calm her down. He tells her that it notthing bad if one is different and unusual. It may be even wuite useful, Noe she can give the lain sweets to the children in the audience.

The preformance offers a fresh, simple, and inventive approach to the topic of difference among people. The actress and her Hen Koki along with the audience may look around now with less fear and more curiosity.