...She Said in Venezuela

...She Said in Caracas, Venezuela

On April 1, 2, 3 and 4, the theatre performance ...She Said created in co-production between MINI TEATER and WAX FACTORY will be performed in the international festival Fundateneo in Caracas, Venezuela.

About the Festival: Since 1973, when Carlos Gomez, the leader of the theatrical group Rajatabla founded the international theatre festival Fundateneo in Caracas, this festival has gain  so in reputation as in in quality; it has become one of the five greatest theatre festivals in the world and definitely the most important in Latin America. In 2002 the Festival received the Silver Lion of San Marco, an award that is given to the top foreign artists or organisations from the Fondazione Internazionale in Venice, Italy. - Most different theatrical tendencies meet in this international festival in Caracas: from totally traditional to most innovative modern performances. Up to this year, he festival hosted theatre groups and organisations from 56 countries. The performances are touring all over Venezuela, so the total number of spectator is over a million and a half. Each year the Fundateneofestival is accompanied by workshops, forums and seminars lead by prominent theatre artists. - This year the Festival hosted - among other prestigeus theatres - also the director IVICA BULJAN and the Croatian theatre Teatar ITD from Zagreb. - Fundateneo is a non-profit festival supported