Ksenija Ponikvar

Performed by:
Puppet theatre Nebo

Petra Stare

Maja Peterlin

Peter Kus

Puppets and set design:
Andrej Štular

Forum Ljubljana

Mini teater

Opening performance:
November 2008

The performance is suitable for children ages 3 and up

The latest performance by the Puppet theatre Nebo is a (folk) tale Why does the Dog Chase the Rabbit?. The tale explains the nature of the relationship between dogs and rabbits, or relationship between a trained ‘man’s best friend’ and a wild animal, in a fairy tale fashion. This fable, like many others, offers a parallel to human nature, human relations and conflicts.

The Puppet theatre Nebo was established in 2001 in Kranj, Slovenia. It preserves all of the classical puppeteering techniques and explores integration of other artistic media – film, photography, and comics – in puppet theatre. The theatre started out as performers for adult audience. Today, it boasts poetic performances for children, as well as experimental stage performances for adults. Their performances have earned them many awards both at home and abroad (design for the performance Ernest – 4th biannual of the Foundation of Puppeteers in Koper, Slovenia; the Children jury award in the PLP festival in Maribor, Slovenia; the ‘best performance’ nomination for the performance Take ljudske in Fringe festival in Adelaide, Australia; ‘most original idea’ award for the performance To je Ernest in Lut fest festival in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)