The Wishing Table opened the festival in Zagreb

The Wishing Table opened the festival in Zagreb


On July 2, 2008, the puppet performance The Wishing Table produced by MINI TEATER from Ljubljana was presented as the opening performance within the 15th Festival The Summer in Dubrava in Zagreb. With this Festival the Narodno sveučilište Dubrava continues the traditional programme for children during summer holidays. The Festival takes place every Wednesday up to August 13 and it consists of theatre and puppet performances, creative workshops and the competition Show what you know!


The Wishing Table is considered as one of the most beautiful and the most popular fairytales in the world. The story: There was once a house in the suburbs. There lived a father with his son Michael and a goat that used to tell only lies. One day, Michael who was in love with the pretty Daisy earned a wishing table, a golden sheep and a cudgel that punished every thief or liar ...

This Grimm's fairytale was modernised and staged with humour and specific touch by the Czech director Marek Bečka, who put on stage also the popular Puss in the Boots. The visual concept of the new performance was created by Robert Smolik. The performance is played and animated by the actor, animator and raper Jose who contributed also his energetic and original music. His companion on the stage is the excellent actor Aljaž Jovanovič.  


Not long ago the performance The Wishing Table  was played within another Croatian

festival – Goričke večeri – at the Cultural Centre Velika Gorica in Croatia. In August the

perfomance will be presented also within the summer festival Lutkovni pristan in Maribor,