Opening night of Macbeth after Shakespeare by Heiner Müller and Ivica Buljan

Opening night of Macbeth after Shakespeare


Macbeth after Shakespeare, the latest performance staged at the post-drama theatre MINI TEATER  was created upon the text written by  the German playwright Heiner Müller. It was translated by Milan Štefe and directed by  Ivica Buljan. The leading role is played by the actor Marko Mandiće. The director Ivica Buljan gathered his steady team to work with him in this project: Ana Savić Gecan as costume designer, Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar for the music, Tanja Zgonc as choreographer, Diana Koloini as dramaturge, Mateja Dermelj as language supervisor, and (for the first time working with Buljan) the Maribor tandem son-DA  for set design. After Medea Material and Quartett  the play Macbeth after Shakespeare rounds up this author’s trilogy put on stage at MINI TEATER.

After two pre-opening nights on January 25 and January 29, the solemn opening night of the performance will take place on January 30 at 20:00 at Cankarjev dom (Štihova dvorana).

You are all kindly invited to attend this unique theatre event and the greatest MINI TEATER theatre project in the last ten years.

Heiner Müller
Macbeth After Shakespeare

Director: Ivica Buljan
Traslator: Milan Štefe
Costume designer: Ana Savić Gecan
Set designer: son:DA
Composer: Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar
Choreography: Tanja Zgonc
Dramaturg: Diana Koloini
Language consultant: Mateja Dermelj
Producer: Robert Waltl

Marko Mandić
Milena Zupančič
Polona Vetrih
Jurij Drevenšek
Jure Henigman
Stipe Kostanić
Domen Valič
Anže Zevnik

production: Mini teater
co-production: Cankarjev dom,Ljubljana, Slovenia and Novo kazalište Zagreb and ZeKaeM (Zagrebačko kazalište mladih), Zagreb, Croatia
 pre- premiere: 25. and 29.
January 2009 at 8 pm, Cankarjev dom
opening night: 30. January 2009 at 8 pm, Cankarjev dom
reprises: 6, 7 and 8 February 2009, Cankarjev dom

Tour: 3 February 2009 at 8 pm, Zagreb, Zekaem, Croatia