Let’s piggy up to 100th Pippy and Melchiade

Let’s piggy up to 100th reprise of the performance about the piggies Pippy and Melchiade at MINI TEATER


Everybody knows Pippy and his elder brother Melchiade – the two piggies! On telly they thrilled the youngest and charm the less young audience with their eccentric and witty ideas.

At MINI TEATER they piggy up and down the stage in their new original stories about their piggy life just as they were conceived by the legendary actor Jurij Souček – always charming the audience of every age.

All lovers in piggy adventures are kindly invited to join the two cute piggies (played by Jurij Souček and Andrej Murenc) in their world of daily wits and wisdoms – in the 100th reprise of the performance Pippy and Melchiade on March 28th at 17:00.

The performance is educational and most entertaining, apt for children from three years up and of course also for their parents. Join us in this adventure and piggy up into the world of piggy imagination!

In occasion of this solemn 100th reprise donations will be collected to support the construction of the new MINI TEATER theatre on Križevniska 1 in Ljubljana. Money orders are possible on BR: SI56 020110052254884 with a note: donation for Mini teater.