Opening night of Sallinger by B.M. Koltes and I. Buljan,On Tuesday, 25th of August, at 20.00 in lower hall of Slovenian youth theatre (Slovensko mladinsko gledališče, SMG)

Opening Night: Rennes, France: 30.7.2009 Opening Night: Zadar, Croatia: 10.8.2009 Opening Night: Mostar, Bosnia and Hercegovina: 13.8.2009 Performances: Dubrovnik, Croatia: 20. and 22.8.2009 Performances: Zagreb, Croatia: 22. and 23.8.2009 Opening Night: Ljubljana, Slovenia: 25.8.2009
Bernard-Marie Koltès: Sallinger


SALLINGER from Mini theater comes to SMG



On Tuesday, 25th of August, at 20.00 in lower hall of Slovenian youth theatre (Slovensko mladinsko gledališče, SMG) in Ljubljana there will be a premiere of drama Sallinger, from author Bernard-Marie Koltès, directed by Ivica Buljan. The play was co-produced by Théâtre National de Bretagne (Rennes), Mini Teater (Ljubljana), Novo kazalište (Zagreb), Zadar snova, ARL (Dubrovnik), Kazalište Hotel Bulić, Scena Amadeo (Zagreb).


The music for the play was written by Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar, Ana Savić-Gecan made costumes and Project Assistant was Olivier Dupuy. Actors: Yoan Charles (Rouquin), Senka Bulić (Ma), Marko Mandić (Al), Jonathan Genet (Lesslie), Laurent Cazanave (Narrateur), Marine de Missolz (Carole), Vanille Fiaux (June) in David Botbol (Henry).


The play is 3 hours long.


About the show

New York, 1964. A young man, who everyone called Red, committed suicide and left his family in total despair. While family falls back into memories and tries to fill the void with words, his young widow comes back to a wealthy home to reclaim her rights. Even his spirit won’t be able to resist coming back and dealing with those closest to him … This is a picture of America in anxiety at the beginning of war in Vietnam. From a genial selection of Salinger’s novels, Koltès has written a drama about a hysterical family, sexually neurotic youth, lost generation of parents etc. It is considered the most violent and avant-garde work from Koltès.


This year, as we remember 20 years after death of Bernard-Marie Koltès we will uncover a statue in his honour at the opening ceremony of the new quarters of Mini teater on Krizevniska 1, Ljubljana, Slovenia on 23rd of October 2009 at 20.00. A renowned Croatian academic mason Dejan Kljun made the statue of this great drama playwright.




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