Idea and performance:
Jurij Souček

Set design:
skulptor Jožef Vrščaj

Costume advisor:
Alenka Bartl

Opening performance:
January 2010

Monolog for the actor and harmonium player for youth and adults

About the performance

Master of the words Jurij Souček in the most important story with patriotic theme in the symbolic style from Cankar. Kurent was in the old Slavic mythology a got of growth but Cankar has changed him into an artist, a good spirit of Slovenian culture. The theme of this work is: autobiographic, national, social, political and artistic. It sees the limitation and worthlessness of the politics of that time. Fiddler Kurent has with the help of magic displayed the truth about Slovenians and Slovenian nation. The question that emerges is; didn’t the writer trough symbolicly displayed helplessness wanted to influence on sobering, informing and overcoming the helplessness and changing the Slovenian national character? Is this important even today?