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In Mini teater DJ performance by Lukatoyboy and sound workshop!

In terms of the international European project Nomads of beauty

2nd and 3rd April in Mini teater will host

Musician and sound designer from Belgrade



In terms of the grand European project NOMADS OF BEAUTY, which is co-financed by the EU commission for Culture in which artists from Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Serbia and Slovenia cooperate, we are this time preparing extremely interesting sound workshops and experimental concert of young SERBIAN MUSICIAN, IMPROVISER AND DJ – LUKA IVANOVIĆ – LUKATOYBOY.  


WEDNESDAY, 3rd April 2013 at 9.30 pm DJ performance by LUKATOYBOY after the performance Bartleby, the writer with Igor Samobor for which Mini teater and Luka Ivanović in 2011 received Borštnik’s prize for sound design..

On Wednesday, April 3rd 2013 to Mini teater at Križevniška 1 young musician and sound design from Belgrade Luka Ivanović - Lukatoyboy! After the performance Bartleby the writer for which Mini teater with Luka Ivanović received Borštnik’s award for sound design, Luka Ivanović is preparing solo DJ performance.

Lukatoyboy is mostly recognized in sphere of electro-acoustical improvisation music which he creates with voice sampling, sounds of the surrounding devices and toys. Not only in Belgrade, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lukaboytoy also participates in numerous programs abroad, organizes workshops and performs from Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Romania, Turkey Hungary, Portugal and he US. In terms of the Blind Tapes project from 2011 he also publishes audio tapes with recordings of different participants of the Blind Tape Quartets project.



Day before, April 2nd 2013 in the afternoon in Mini teater at Križevniška 1 sound workshops for children from age 5 to 12 in smaller groups with Luka Ivanović await. Small sounds for little people in great action. Voice improvisation, sound effects, listening to sounds in the room and discovering their usage and manipulation of them.  

Musician and artist Luka Ivanović has in 2012 performed and led workshops for children at renowned festivals UNSOUND in Krakov and Clubtransmediale in Berlin and Serbian Dis-Patch and Ring-Ring Festival. At festival KidsPatch he has cooperated from the beginning when he in 2008 in terms of the Dis-patch program to children, parents and audience presented a unique and unconventional approach to work and play. Experiences and innovativeness will be grand.   

Parents, if you have Nintendo DS (not 3D), bring it with you!


Project will be presented in terms of the international European project »Nomads of Beauty«, co-financed by the European commission program Culture (2007-2013). The content of communication is solely the responsibility of the author and does not represent in any case the stands of the European commission.

Mini teater cooperates in several European projects co-financed by the European commission program Culture (2007-2013).