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Director, adaptation of text:
Marek Bečka

Jose and Robert Korošec

Marek Bečka and Katerina Schwarzova

Puppets, scene and costume:
Robert Smolik


Head technician:
Tilen Vipotnik

Technical crew:
Tilen Vipotnik, Anže Kreč, Matej Primec and Ivan Waltl

Premiere in Mini teater
20th of September 2013

Duration 40 min

Puppet performance for children from 3 years of age

About the performance

Once upon a time lived a family with many children. Eventhough they were all very much loved and wanted, the parents couldn't afford to feed them all. One day the Father took the children to the woods to at least feed them with wild strawberries. But upon returning home he forgot to count them. In the morning he discovered that his three daughters were left in the forest: Polly, Dolly and Molly, the youngest! Molly wasn't just the youngest she was also the bravest and the most resourceful of them all.

When looking for the way back home the sisters found lodging with a husband and wife, a Giant and a Giantess, hungry for small children. But the clever Molly tricked them and saved herself and her sisters from becoming their breakfast. They ran and ran and haven't looked back until the next morning when they caught sight of a beautiful castle in front of them …

The door opened the King of France himself who had a lot on his mind because of the terrible Giant. He asked Molly for help. It didn't take her long to see what she could do. The bravest girl in England had to trick the (still) hungry Giant three times. As a reward for each succes the King promised her a husband, first for her sisters and at last for herself.

Brave Molly made after English fairy tale marks the return of Czech director Marek Bečka to Mini teater.

Festivals and tours abroad

Buchty a Loutky Festival in Švandovo Divadlo (Prague, Czech Republic); September 2015

About the director

In his adaptation of original texts Bečka preserves basic play lines while with bold approaches forming a unique sharpness of humor and expressing real and current image of the world at the same time. He created a number of street performances and puppet performances for the youngest spectators known to Mini teater’s audiences already by performances Snow White, Puss in Boots and The Whishing Table.

Czech director and puppeteer Marek Bečka was born in 1964 in Plzen, he graduated at the Theatre Academy in Prague (DAMU). In his rich career he acted at the DRAK Theatre in Hradec Kralowe and later as a freelance artists. He is also the co-founder of the puppet theatre Buchty a loutky in Prague.