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Author project

Director, author of text and dramaturge:
Tomáš Procházka

Maruša Majer, Nik Škrlec

Stage and puppet designer:
Robert Smolík

Tomáš Procházka

Mini teater in cooperation with Handa Gote Research&Developement (Prague, Czech Republic)

As a part of the project:

As part of the project a Workshop of puppet animation and acting was carried out (Menthors Tomáš Procházka and Robert Smolík)

24th of March 2016

Puppet performance for children from 3 yrs

Duration 45 min


About the performance

Puppett show for children inspired by the book of Hisashi Yamanaka, prepared by members of Handa Gote theatre team from Prague, Czech Republic,  is sort of a cultural crossover between Czech puppetry tradition and Japanese visual art, especially remarkable Japanese pop culture from 60’s.

The story itself resembles old fashioned TV program with short episodes and jingles, which revolves around the theme of science, in very playful way. The show brings back naive optimism of the Space Age - an era, in which people still saw the future in the brightest colors. Following this spirit, the adventures of professor Kurama are presented in bright lights and colors, with somehow over-optimistic approach, leading often to funny moments, in which the inventions of the main hero have also unexpected side effects.

Tomáš Procházka and Robert Smolík are prominent Czech independent theatre makers, specialised on puppett and visual theatre, working together since 2004.

Festivals and awards

- 19th Interantionl Puppet Festival Golden Sparkle, May 2017; award for ensemble acting