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Miha Blažič, Marko Bulc - Mare, Tjaša Ferme, Mirel Knez, Damir Leventić

Marko Bulc - Mare

Tjaša Ferme, Mirel Knez

Head of production and executive producer:
Tina Dobnik

Maska - Zavod za založniško, kulturno in producentsko dejavnost

Mini teater, Skogen Gothenburg (Sweden)

Premiere in Mini teater:
8th December 2016

Information, reservation and accreditation:

About the performance

The piece deals with issues of “migration”, especially with the “privileged forms of migration” from West to West in the present moment. With this show the team tackles the question if it’s even possible to create plays about migration through the lens of a “spoiled” Westerner today, in the times of the refugee crisis.