Mini teater Ljubljana
Institute for promotion and execution of puppet and theatre performances

Križevniška 1
1000 Ljubljana

Theater hall Bernard-Marie Koltès

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Liable persons:
Robert Waltl: general manager
Ivica Buljan: artistic director

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Mini teater was founded in 1999 by Robert Waltl and Ivica Buljan, with the purpose of enhancing creativity in post drama theatre and theatre for the young.

Mini teater is aesthetically directed towards texts written by authors such as:
Bernard-Marie Koltès, Heiner Mueller, Robert Walser, Elfriede Jelinek, Jean Genet, Hervé Guibert, Arthur Rimbaud, A. S. Pushkin, H. Ch. Andersen. Priority is given to research directing aesthetics with directors like I. Buljan, A. Anurov, P. Calvario, S. Nordey, R. Waltl, J. Ivanc...

Exceptional actors (M. Zupančič, M. Mandić, V. Drolc, A. Karić, S. Bulić, P. Vetrih, J. Souček...), great visual artists (V. Fiškin, S. Tolj, B. Cain, T. Gverović, SON:da, T. Gotovac, M. Jakše...), and prominent musicians (Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar, The Beat Fleet, Jose, Ditka Haberl, Dunja Vejzović, Tamara Obrovac...) are engaged to work with Mini teater.

The programme for the young dedicates special attention to innovative educational projects. The coproduction »Thumbelina« for example - created by the director Robert Waltl in collaboration with Tadej Fius and Darij Kreuh - is the first virtual puppet performance in the world.

Yearly, Mini teater performs about five hundred performances in Ljubljana, across Slovenia and abroad, as well as in numerous international festivals (in ten years we had 180 performances on tour on all continents). Taking part in prestigious festivals in Moscow, Naples, Havana, Warsaw, Vienna, Brussels, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Cairo, Teheran..., we assert our interest in international co-operation, while with Croatian institutions like Novo Kazalište Zagreb, ARL Dubrovnik, ZeKaeM- Zagrebško gledališče mladih, Zadar Snova, Teatar ITD, HNK Rijeka, we create a privileged partnership.

Mini teater has won a number of awards and recognitions for its theatrical achievements in Slovenia and abroad.

The Mini Summer Festival for Children is a festival offering the youngest audience the best puppet and chamber performances touring from all over the world.

Through its paradox goal – to be an elite theatre that is accessible to the public, eccentric yet attractive for a wide audience – Mini teater breaks the traditional boundaries of theatre, affirming them merely in the way of thinking. In the new premises of our theatre on Križevniška 1 in Ljubljana, Mini teater will follow the »concept of an enlarged theatre«, offering a series of novel readings performed by the best Slovenian actors, concerts, and artistic actions.

Mini teater was founded in 1999 by Robert Waltl - director, actor, puppeteer and art manager - and Ivica Buljan - director and dramaturge, as a small theatre for the youngest audience. Through studying the Slovene cultural and theatre environment, Mini teater reshaped its structural idea and started to develop different streamlines and art practice in its theatrical activity. The company has a small theatre hall within the Ljubljana Castle, where performances for children, youth and adults are played, or school and kindergarten groups are invited to visit and new theatre hall at Križevniška ulica within Ljubljana Old Town where Mini teater's post drama performances and other activities are held. The theatre also tours across Slovenia and abroad. The programme is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic Slovenia and the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Ljubljana.

Mini teater’s basic activity features production of quality puppet and theatre performances in collaboration with artists from different artistic environments. While the theatre is dedicated mainly to puppets, this does not prevent it from also producing acted performances for adults and youth. In creating the programme, the staging of Slovene texts (preferably from Slovene national heritage) is a must, yet the promotion of contemporary world drama texts for adults is equally important, alongside with establishing new approaches in directing, or working with Slovene and international stage directors and actors (Robert  Waltl, Ivica Buljan, Philippe Calvario, etc.)

In 2005, Mini teater collaborated with Wax Factory New York on a multimedia production called 'She Said...' with a soundtrack by Random Logic. In 2006 and 2007, its productions included Quartet by Heiner Mueller, Jackie by Elfride Jelinek and Mad About Vincent by Herve Guibert, as well as five performances for children: Little Red Riding Hood by Brothers Grimm and Caliph Stork by Wilhelm Hauff, The Mishmash Bakery by the Slovenian poet Svetlana Makarovič, The Wishing Table by Brothers Grimm and Marek Bečka and The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen and Robert Waltl.

Every year, Mini teater takes part in numerous international festivals, making contacts with prominent cultural centers in Slovenia and abroad. Mini teater presents more than 400 performances per year in Slovenia and abroad. Many performances were performed in Italy, Austria, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Russia, Belgium, Iran, Poland, Czechia, Venezuela, Cuba, United Kingdom etc. It has won numerous awards from important theatre and puppet festivals in Slovenia and abroad (only in 2003, two awards at the National Borštnik Festival, two awards at the Slovene Biennial of Puppet Artists, and one award from the National Association of Drama Artists).

Another important activity of Mini teater are the so-called Summer Castle Afternoons; taking place behind the ancient walls of the Ljubljana castle - where also two festivals are organized (the Mini Summer, International Festival for children, which brings joy to the youngest visitors during the summer, offering them the best performances of Slovene and foreign production, and the Festival of Medieval and Renaissance Music, which takes place every year in September).