MINI TEATER is preparing the sixth international festival Mini Summer for Children at the Ljubljana castle from 30th June to 5th September 2004. It is dedicated to children and to all those who feel close to the art for children.

This year MIINI TEATER will host artists from the Czech Republic, from Poland, Latvia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain, and numerous artists from Slovenia. Every Sunday they will bring joy to all those who believe in fairy tales and walk around with sparkles in their eyes.
Different languages, different puppet techniques as well as different approaches to theatre and puppet art - these are definitely the qualities that list the 6th international festival Mini Summer among the events contributing to the cultural image of the city Ljubljana and the entire Slovenia.
In the past, this mini festival gained little attention in the media records staying somehow hidden in the summer shadow behind the castle walls. Yet for Ljubljana and its visitors, especially for the youngest ones, it represents something huge. Quietly, among the centuries-old arcades of the castle, a little festival takes place for little people – who once will grow into big people. But these human younglings are capable today already to recognize true art and beauty, and they love the magic of what a human soul can produce.
Special thanks to the City Mayor, Mrs. Danica Simšič, who has kindly accepted to be the honorary patron of this year's festival.
Thanks to the Ministry of Culture of the Republic Slovenia, thanks to the Department of Culture at the Municipality of Ljubljana, and also to the Embassies of the countries of all foreign participants, who helped us with the realizations of this year's festival.
Thanks also to all the others, especially the Festival Ljubljana, the media sponsor RGL Ljubljana, to the wine house Ščurek, to the flower shop Marjan Lovšin, and to our faithful Domača peka.
Dear friends from everywhere, sincerely welcome to Ljubljana.
Let us enjoy together the performances and the creative workshops within the 6th Mini Summer for Children in Ljubljana.  

Robert Waltl
Festival Director