Nives Vidrih

Directing and adaptation:
Pavel Polak

Asja Kahrimanović, Matej Puc / Tomislav Tomšič, Andrej Murenc

Majda Vrhovnik

Puppet and set design:
Ivan Antoš

David Rotter

Language consultant:
Mateja Dermelj

Light and sound shaping:
Tilen Vipotnik

Opening performance:
July, 2006, Mini Summer Festival 2006

A classical fairy tale about the wolf and the little Red Riding Hood in a uniqe and humorous performance of young Slovenian actors. Directed by known Czech director Pavel Polak.

The performance is an adaptaion of the classical fairytale about a wolf and a girl. Nicknamed Little Red Riding Hood, the latter one day decides to visit her sick granny living in the forest. But on the trip, she is followed by a hungry wolf with plans of his own. Coming to the Granny's house first by trickery, he is already there once Little Red Riding Hood arrives, ready to grab and devour her...