Mini teater very well accepted in Saint Petersburg

MINI TEATER very well accepted in Saint Petersburg

On Sunday, June 26, MINI TEATER took part in the great 7th international theatre festival KUKART in St. Petersburg in Russia with the performance THE STORY OF THE TSAR SALTAN by A. S. Pushkin. In a week time from June 22 to June 29, 39 different European theatres performed their plays - Mini teater was the only theatre representing Slovenia. The actors Natasa Matjasec (f) and Milan Stefe and Akira Hasegawa (m) received huge applause by the audience - all the tickets of the famous marionette theatre in the centre of the city were sold out. The performance war awarded a special diploma for supporting the Russian cultural tradition.

So after Lomza in Poland, Vienna and Bekeszaba in Hungary, the June tour of the performance THE STORY OF THE TSAR SALTAN was successfully concluded. The tour was supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic Slovenia and the Municipality of the City Ljubljana, Department of culture.