Kathrin Cave

Directed by:
Ivana Djilas

Barbara Kukovec and Mateja Pucko

Puppets made by:
Ivica Bilek

Set made by:
Blaž Krže

Boštjan Gombač

Set and puppet design:
Jelena Proković

Gledališče Jaz in ti

Opening performance:
December 2003

Duration 35 min

Puppet performance for children from 3 years up

About the performance

Different is a creature that nobody likes, nobody wants to play with. Lonely, disappointed and sad, he is sitting in his arm-chair when somebody rings at his door. He opens and there is Strange, who is looking for a friend. Mhm, this guy can certainly not become my friend, thinks the first one looking at the other one. Or perhaps he can? Of course, when they meet the third one, they all realize that happiness among friends means exactly to be different or even strange.

This is an amusing story about friendship.

Festivals and performances on tour

Austria, Italy, Slovenia