Majda Potrata

Pavel Polak

Tina Potočnik and Marko Plantan

Set and puppets made by:
Jaroslav Milfajt

Vitezslav Hadl

Language consultant:
Mateja Dermelj

Opening performance:
October 2002, renewed 2009

Duration 40 minutes

Puppet and theatre performance for chlidren from 3 y/o

A funny puppet performance which, with its special puppets and original acting approach, has thrilled the audience at more than 150 performances.

The performance was created for our youngest spectators. Adaptated from the well known Grimm's fairy tale, it was done in colaboration with several prominent Czech artists: Pavel Polak - a freelance artist and former director and art manager of the Czech theatre Naivni Divadlo Liberec, Jaroslav Milfajt - set and puppet designer working with numerous Czech theatres and Vitezslav Hadl - a popular Czech composer wa rich film and television opus.
Polak's Tom Thumb represents a variation on the motives from a classical fairy tale about a little boy with a great heart.

About the performance

The performance tells the story of a loving but childless couple. After many years, finally, a on is born - a little boy no bigger than a thumb. Delighted despite his diminutive size, the couple names him Tom Thumb. While small, the boy is exceptionally strong and helps his father in the field, even with hard labour such as ploughing. Even with Tom's hepl though, the family grows poorer and poorer, until Tom finally convinces his father to sell him to the King. The King, however, gives Tom Thumb as a present to his spoiled Princess daughter, who treats him terribly. Disappointed and angry, Tom Thumb decides to run away. On his way he meets two brigands and overhears them planning to rob the King's treasury. In spite of the King's poor treatment Tom ecided to show his bravery and chases the two bandits away. Grateful and moved by Tom's courage, he grants finally him the permission to return to his parents.

Festivals and tours

Austria, Italy, Slovenia