March 21 - World Day of the Puppets

March 21 - World Day of the Puppets

On Tuesday, March 21, 2006, all Slovene puppeteers along with friends and colleagues from all over the world will celebrate their 5th World Day of the Puppet Theatre and Puppets. To honour this Day, numerous theatre in Slovenia will offer free performances; some of these theatres are: Mini teater Ljubljana, the puppet theatre LGL Ljubljana, the puppet theatre LG Maribor, the theatre Gledališče Glej Ljubljana, etc. The iniciator of this celebration is the National Commitee of the international association UNIMA. The first such celebration took place in the year 2002. The greatest merit within slovenia go to the General Secretary of the Unima Commitee, Mr. Robert Waltl, who works as a succesful Manager of Mini Teater Ljubljana. In 2000, in the occasion of the 18th congress of Unima in Magdeburg, Germany, it was concluded that puppeteers shall have their holiday, so they descided to make March 21 the World Day of Puppets.

In Mini Teater we prepared a special programme of free puppet performance to take place in the Ljubljana Castle on March 21:

10:30-14:00 Puppet performances by the students of the Paedagogic Studies Ljubljana, tutor Edi Majaron 

17:00 Hans Ch. Andersen, Thumbellina, Cankarjev dom and Forum, Ljubljana; authors: Darij Kreuh, Tadej Fius; directing and acting: Robert Waltl; virtual puppet performance for children from 3 y. up.

19:30 A.S.Pushkin, Pushkin-Small Tragedies, Mini teater, Unima Slovenia; director: alexei Leliavski, actors: Gašper jarni, Marko Plantan, Igor Štamulak; puppet performance for youth and adults.