MINI TEATER in Rotterdam

MINI TEATER in Rotterdam, Holland

Within the project Encounter of Theatre in Two Languagesm, MINI TEATER was invited to Rotterdam to represent Slovenia with the performance The Wonderful Adventures of the Apprentice Hlapich directed by Ivica Buljan and played by Robert Waltl. This performance was created in 1999, it was presented in numerous international festivals all over Europe. Robert Waltl received several awards and recognitions for animation and acting, and also the performance itself was awarded a number of awards. The Rotterdam Project included artists from The Netherlands, from Croatia, Slovenia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its aim was to present theatres and artists to the Dutch public, but also to people who immigrated to the Netherlands in the last 20 years and have integrated with the Dutch society. Our performance was very well accepted by the audience, so the hosts wish to organise such events also in other Dutch cities.