In this world of constant progress, we can read almost every day about some great discovery in the field of medicine, energetics, microbiology or genetics.The greater is the knowledge the deeper is the awareness that things we do not know are more important than those we already know. We expect progress and knowledge to create a new reality for us – more efficient than the one we are living in now. The idea of progress is unique in the spirit of the human race; we all have the right to hope for a better and open future, yet all these more and more sophisticated technologies usually result in creating an even greater exclusion of those who have no access to them. Considering the media, the importance of what is going on today is trivial in comparison to big planetary tragedies and local black cronicles. New  generations will build new cities and fight old diseases, they will create new kinds of art which we know nothing about today. The modern world has destroyed the old forms of solidarity, yet it has not created new ones

We are here to create art for the youngest. We work with great dedication hoping to make life better and richer for other people.. Our task and our luck as artists is to inspire the young through art, to teach them tollerance, understanding and solidarity. As an actor and a puppeteer, I believe that our dedicated work may offer children thrills they will never forget. It may inspire them with desire to develop their own creativity in many different fields of art. Parents too, are invited to live hand in hand with art, espeacially theatre and puppets since puppets often speak with greater power than any human word.

No child and no adult should miss the magic created by the puppets!

Welcome to the 8th International Mini Summer Festival in Ljubljana!


Yours, Robert Waltl