Mini teater in Zagreb in the festival Summer in Dubrava

MINI TEATER in the festival Summer in Dubrava in Zagreb in Croatia

In the Croatian capital city Zagreb they organised the first international festival for children called Ljeto u Dubravi (Summer in Dubrava). MINI TEATER will be represented by puppet performance The Fabulous Adventures of the Apprentice Hlapich (performed in Croatian language; produced by Mini teater, directed by Robert Waltl and Ivica Buljan, performed by Robert Waltl).

This performance has been our hit since 1999. It was played more than 300 times for over 50,000 spectators altogether. The apprentice Hlapich is a small and goodhearted boy who is as cheerful as a bird on a wire, as brave as a knight, and as wise as a judge. He is an orphan so, he has to earn his living by working as a cobbler's apprentice. His master Mrkonja treats him very badly. One night, he decides to run away into the big wide world. All he has to take along are: wisdom, goodness and courage. Traveling around he meets many interesting people. He helps everybody and, of course, his wandering around the world ends up in a happy ending.