Papa Frost Parade



December 26 December 30 2006


From Tuesday, December 26, until Saturday, December 30, MINI TEATER in cooperation with the Ljubljana Board of Tourism and the Municipality of Ljubljana will organise a Papa Frost Parade.


The Parade will start at 17:00 at the square Ciril Metodov trg. They will pass the City Hall to reach the square Presernov trg, where the main programme will take place. The programme includes the Choir Pinokio and the Dancing School Kazina. Each day Papa Frost will have a speech and MINI TEATER will present a different performance (Three Little Pigs, Puss in Boots, Tom Thumb). The programme will be lead by the TV presenter, singer and dancer Davor Bozic. Papa Frost will be accompanied by about ten big snowmen, by a big rabbit, a banner-man, a lamplighter, and several fanfare-trumpet players. Three big Ljubljana Dragon Helpers will march at the head of the Parade. On Saturday, the singer Romana Kranjcan will have a concert presenting her songs for children.