Opening night of Pippi and Melchiade, performance for children

The third new performance in the season of Mini teater is Pippi and Melchiade. The opening night of the theatre performance for children will be on 4th of December at Mini teater on Ljubljana Castle.
The performance was created by Matjaž Briški and Jurij Souček after motives from PIGGELDY AND FREDERICK by Elke & Dieter Loewe, and directed by Robert Waltl. Actors are
 Jurij Souček and Andrej Murenc. Set design by Vasja Semolič, music by Uroš Rakovec, Costume design by Ana Savić Gecan and light design by Zoran Najdenov, choreography by Rosana Hribar. This is an educating and entertaining performance about the two famous pigs.

Who is not familiar with Pippi and his elder brother Melchiad? Through their witty and unusual ideas these two little pigs won the hearts not only of the youngest generation of TV spectators but they drew the attention also of the adult audience.

This time they are presented as puppets with new original stories about the pig life, as they were created by the young Slovene writer Matjaž Briški and actor Jurij Souček.

Zou will get to know the stereotypes of pig habits as well as the troubles and he beauties pigs have to face every day. The two smart guys will be challenged to deal with sayings and proverbs about pig behaviour. Their perspective of pig life will be presented in rougish way through the eye of a pig teaching us about secrets in the pig world. Join us in this educative and entertaining story full of imagination and fun!

Jurij Souček, the legendary Slovene theatre actor was awarded the Borštnik ring, the most prestigeous Slovene national award, as well as the national prize Viktor for the work of his life, and many other prestigeous awards.