1. Performances for children  

2. Performances for youth
6 €
8 €
young, students:

3. Post-drama performances
7 €
10 €
students, retirees:

Groups of more than 20 people:
Groups of more than 50 people:
8 €
15 €

10% discount
20% discount
Special discount of 20% for everyone who will visit us with a ticket from Glej Theatre.
16% discount for members of Svet knjge Club.
The discount can only be used at the Mini teater box office – online purchase or purchase at Petrol stations cannot include the discount. Discounts are not cumulative.
Mini teater ticket will get you a 20% discount in Glej Theatre.

Gift certificate

Darilni bon

Would you like to surprise your youngest with a special gift for a special occasion?

We recommend the Mini teater gift certificate. It lets the birthday girl or boy choose the piece she/he would like to see.

The gift certificate admits 1 person for 1 performance.

The gift certificate value is 6 or 8 € for a children's theatre performance, 7 or 10 € for a youth performance and 8 or 15 € for a post drama performance.

You can buy the gift certificates in Mini teater on Križevniška 1 every workday between 10 and 15 hours.

Points of sale

Purchase of tickets is possible online at the webpage. You can access it via the purchase link in our programme:

Buy ticket


Tickets are also available at:
- Križevniška 1 (every workday between 10 and 15 hours)
- Petrol gas stations.



Additional information:
01/425 60 60
041/314 414