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Festival House of Tolerance - only a few days until the beginning

You are kindly invited to join us at the Festival House of Tolerance 2017 which will take place form 26th March to 1st April. You can find the complete programme on our website and in our programme. We are looking forward to welcoming you at the festival!

Festival house of tolerance

Mini-Teater awaits you

The international film program of the Festival House of Tolerance 2017 starts with a premiere and a film retrospective of works by the famous Israeli film director Avi Nesher. His new and on many festivals acclaimed Past life depicts the search of two sisters to discover family secrets between Israel, Germany and Poland. Remembrance and individual responsibility when dealing with the past characterize this year’s program, be it the Holocaust, the history of Slovenia in its darkest times, or Jewish recollections of life in Europe, Morocco and Israel.

Outstanding feature films like the French À la vie by Jean-Jaques Zilbermann and Once in a lifetime by Marie-Castille Mention-Schaarshow how today’s generation can deal with the challenge of learning from the past. One of the aesthetic and poetic highlights of the Festival will be Eva Neymann’s love story Song of songs. Film art, light, music, atmosphere und references to the Bible´s Song of Song will enchant the audience.

The Festival’s inner motivation is diversity, and educating for democracy and tolerance. This is particularly illustrated through the story of a young female rapper from Afghanistan. Music can also be about the rights of young women to self-empowerment, to a life of their own. Today’s questions of human rights and migration are at the very heart of the film Fire at sea that received the Oscar for best documentary in 2016. Feature films, short films, documentaries and exhibitions with works from many countries define the artistic profile of the 2017 festival. The educational mornings will also deal with the dangers of right-wing extremism, and racism, and they will illuminate our individual responsibility. The renowned scholar, author, and lecturer Mirko Ilic will point to the forms and dangers of graffiti and symbols promoting hatred, and right-wing populism.  

One focus of the program is the Near and Middle East. The fascinating documentary Letters from Bagdad shows the adventurous life of the most powerful woman in the British Empire, a spy more influential than Lawrence of Arabia. The film is directed by Sabine Krayenbühl and Zeva Oelbaum. Executive producer is the noted patron of the arts Denise Benmosche. All three will attend the Slovenian premiere, a special event at the Ljubljana Castle, and will discuss their work with the audience. This Special Event will be crowned by the famous DUO ALMA, Sivan Goldman and Ronen Nissan from Israel, who will perform sefardic music.

The festival seeks visual answers to questions relating to Israel and the situation of its Jewish and non-Jewish population. In My home, Muslim, Druse, Bedouin, and Christian Arabs who live in Israel speak about themselves. And Michael Pfeifenberger's film Desert kids is an impressive depiction of a young generation of children, Jewish Israelis and Bedouins, who live in the south, in the desert. The director will be present at the festival and will discuss his experience with Israel and recent problems with anti-Semitism. However, films can sometimes solve problems that seem to endure for generations. The new Israeli film 90 minutes war is a mixture of political realism, fantasy, football and comedy. An Israeli and a Palestinian football team are chosen to decide over the future of the country. Who will win? It is a hilarious comedy. Tolerance implies to understand, to love, to accept, and also to have fun. 

The festival will also host many interesting guests at the educational mornings, there will be lectures about different aspects of tolerance, two exhibitions, two concerts, one theatre performance, and 21 films.